Divinity: Dragon Commander

Divinity: Dragon CommanderAll RPG fans are known for the Divinity series, which has been blooming for many years under the supervision of craftsmen from Larian Studios. Recently, for reasons nevedomoy îíè reshyly Change vector of development – after poэtychno slozhennыh ystoryy at pohozhdenyyah heroes odynochek in nelyneynosty full of humor and waved at Larian myre Where more than masshtabnыy project. Divinity: Dragon Commander is a full-fledged strategy with splashes of RPG elements and board card games.

About dragons and people

Fortunately, the developers did not abandon their invented universe. The events take place in the love of many of the Rivellons who appear before us in our infancy years, for many centuries before the events of all the games of the series. In these ancient times, the world was saturated with a healthy Steampunk atmosphere: magic here is adjacent to high technology. In the same arena polytycheskoy Ryvellon razdyraem feodalnыmy contradictions – dety wise emperor, sumevsheho Merge kingdoms fifth pod own way, derutsya for edynovlastye.

One of those claiming to power children is ours. Dragon Blood, bastard on origin, our hero manages nebolshym nadelom earth with paryascheho in heaven ship “Raven” dolzhen unychtozhyt vseh rivals and rasshyryt svoy possessions to tseloho Ryvellona. Actually, it is precisely this that we will be engaged in the entire game, step by step taking away from our opponents pieces of land. No plot intrigue is the usual feudal warlord.

Scandals, investigations

More intriguing is the secondary life of the dragon inside the ship, secondary to the main storyline line. Our ship is inhabited by assistants and advisers of the future emperor, with whom you can enter into dialogues. All characters are very colorful and represent collective images of various political and social positions of the present. Konservatorы, femynystky, hrynpysovtsы – Each IZ they will be ezhednevno Almost obremenyat have some kind Liboje prosboy, and any decision to skazhetsya AGAINST dragon not only for the crew, but a Total world. http://www.windows-games.info

At almost every step we will have to make an easy choice. For example, the introduction of general military service will be approved by pragmatic dwarves, but will be blamed for liberal lizards. It is impossible to agree with everyone – we have to act in accordance with personal moral principles and the situation at the front.

Generally, the diplomatic games in the Dragon Commander are paramount. The global map here is divided into countries, each of which is characterized by the number of citizens, income earned and the dominant race. The attitude of one or another race to us determines the level of population in the country where it prevails, which directly affects the conduct of battles in its territory. Also, from our diplomatic solutions depends on the level of loyalty of generals, who can be commanded by the army during the battle.

However, in addition to the dirty policy on the “Vorone”, there is something to do. To conduct scientific research, discovering new types of “units”, to learn the ability of the dragon, to gossip with the crew – all this gives diversity to our military everyday lives.

The cell of the Rivellon Society

All games onlineAt the beginning of the second chapter, our subordinates will oblige the dragon to link his own destiny with the daughter of one of the ambassadors from different races. Each of the brides has its own problem – the representative of the undead dream of a beautiful body, the elf has grown in hedgehog gloves and wants to completely drink from the bowl of life, and so on. Your caring for the girls will also have a diplomatic effect – not every race will enjoy that their emperor, for example, wipes his wife. All stories are non-linear, original and entertained in the best traditions of Larian Studios. At first, you even regret that you only get married once …

But not for long. At a certain stage, the protagonist is introduced to Corbus, a cute demon who feeds on the suffering of people. For permission to wander in the heads of our subordinates, he promises to us all sorts of bonuses. Yes, unethical, it’s sinful and not at all Christian, but what should I do if Ophelia became a man and have relationships with her obsolete? However, frequent appeals to Korvus will affect the popularity of the protagonist, so it is better not to spoil the honor of communicating with the demon.

In all of the aforementioned mobile phones, there are some disadvantages. Firstly, diplomatic intrigues here can be woven exclusively with their subjects. To conclude a peace or some sort of non-aggression pact, as in the same Total War, can not be. We are in a state of permanent war with the adversaries – no victories gained by diplomatic tricks can not be here.

The moral dilemmas posed by ambassadors are fascinating at first, but to the second half of the solitary campaign they get bored and turn into a professional burden. I do not want to go into the mountains of the text, which our subordinates throw at us. The empire breaks all fronts, big battles are on the agenda, and these bastards force us to solve some small problems of education! Often, you make choices, not grasping the essence, guided solely by strategic plans. At the moment, we need the support of the gnomes – we will find their opinion on the controversial issue and lobby their interests.

Does not set on active household activity and monotony of what is happening on the ship. Dragon Commander shows all of its cards in the first and a half hours of the game. The ship routine obeys a strict algorithm: we chat with the ambassadors in the board of councils, drink with the generals in the bar, have fun with the wife and go on to fight further. This procedure is repeated every turn, and due to the absence of any changes, it is quickly fed up.

Rivellon: Total War

But the strategic component of the game drags seriously and for a long time. In general, the concept of Divinity strongly resembles the one in the series Total War. In step-by-step mode, we move the figures of warriors on a map scattered on the countries and build buildings. There is no particular variety in the list of the latter – gold mines, increasing income from the country; barracks that allow you to buy “units”; and all sorts of laboratories producing various types of cards that give us certain bonuses.

Cards in the game are illegal weapons, a trick that can fundamentally change the alignment of forces. It differs from their cheating only that the enemy also has this weapon in its arsenal. There are different types of cards – strategic ones will allow you to build a building for free, or undermine the enemy’s economy, mercenary cards will give a couple of extra squadrons on the battlefield, and so on. This system introduces some unpredictable chaos into the strategic component of the Dragon Commander.

Military affairs

As to what is happening on a tactical map, it looks quite original. We are in front of us a full-fledged RTS with its own “units” and mechanics. Each country, where the fighting takes place, has a unique landscape and area. At the beginning of the battle, the conflicting parties have the troops that appeared on a particular territory during the step-by-step phase. Their number determines our potential and chances of success. However, even with an army twice as big as an enemy, one can lose. The fact is that battles in Dragon Commander require a clear knowledge of the abilities and abilities of various types of “units”. For example, the grenadiers are good against the technique, but they are weak in the battle with the “hunters”, which are easy to reconcile with the pedestrian troops. Types of soldiers here are more than a dozen, and you have to spend a lot of time to understand their potential.

All troops are divided into three types: sea, land and air. Each of them is made in a special type of buildings. The latter are built exclusively on special platforms, represented on the map in a limited number. The strategic advantage will be the player who will be able to capture more of these construction sites faster. Therefore, battles in the Dragon Commander represent continuous clashes of “unit” streams at key points.

Resource in battles is only one – recruits. Their initial quantity depends on the population of the country, which, in turn, is determined by the attitude towards you of the ruling race in it. It is precisely this diplomacy is interwoven with the military part of the game. If you look like a bastard in the eyes of any impuls, then you will get a low score, which will cause the opponent to develop much more intensely. In addition, recruits are required in order to take a dragon’s face.

Thus, chances of winning are determined by many factors, in particular the attitude towards you of the dominant race, the initial number of troops, battle cards, and skill of the player. All this creates a rather interesting and flexible system, thanks to which you can bet on your strengths. Even if you have allowed a bunch of diplomatic misses and you do not have almost any armed forces in a conflict zone, you can go by the magic cards that can put you four tanks or your own strategic genius. All these moments need to be taken into account when passing a single campaign.

Machines against dragons

Online game Divinity: Dragon CommanderHowever, this can not be said about multiplayer. From it the diplomatic part is completely carved out: there are no talks with advisers on the “Vorone”. Accordingly, there are no network battles and such chips of a single campaign, as the ratio of races and generals. Still, the joint game becomes a very entertaining entertainment. The synchronization of the players’ actions here is achieved as follows: for maneuvers on a strategic map everyone is given about ten minutes in one turn. After this, if there was an attack during the course, battles start. When four people take part in the party and there are no troops of one of the players in the conflict territory, he begins a battle with zero number of start “units”.

One way or another, getting along with people is much more pleasant than with local artificial intelligence. Yes, sometimes a computer enemy is pleasantly surprised by landing in an unprotected area landing, preparing powerful attacks or unexpectedly using strong maps. But in other situations, he admits absurd mistakes. For example, it attacks a huge army with a small bunch of soldiers, as a result of meaninglessly losing their own “units”. At the tactical battle card, AI is helpless at all. He seems to be a dangerous rival only in cases of a large quantity of troops superiority; if the forces are equal, even at the highest level of difficulty, the computer opponent seems to be lost in control, incorrectly dispersing the soldiers on the map.

Unfortunately, the weak AI is not the only technical defect Larian. There are bugs, and sometimes they create amazing combinations. You are procuring three vehicles to send your units to the enemy’s state during the next move … and you find that there are no such vehicles! They just disappeared from the map! Trying to figure out the situation, you download a previously saved game, but you’re thrown into the desktop … It’s not always possible to save. Of course, it is possible to wait for patches, but, as they say, the sediment has remained.

Despite some of the flaws, Divinity: Dragon Commander turned out to be exactly what we represented. It feels the author’s style: a magnificent humor, love-written dialogues and non-linear stories. At the same time, the bold experiment of Larian Studios can be considered successful – the “raisin” of its own projects succeeded successfully on the basis of a strategic game with a simple but very flexible mechanics and a rich tactical potential. And dragons are not here for anything.

The game is Frozen Synapse

Play game Frozen SynapseEach developer has its own special style. Obsidian is a “diamond” style, because in order to see all the versatility of its creations, we have to wait for the appearance of grinding patches. Valve acts in accordance with the proverb “seldom, but accurately”. The film’s Introversion studio is a competent embodiment of indie ideas in minimalistic graphics with invariably excellent musical accompaniment.

That is why, when I met the Frozen Synapse on the Web for the first time, I recklessly decided that this is a new project by the creators of Uplink, Defcon and Darwinia. Blue tones, obvious emphasis on gameplay, a pleasant techno soundtrack and purely symbolic graphics – everything pointed to Introversion. But later it turned out that responsible for this tactical grace Mode 7 – a group of students from Oxford. Is this similarity a coincidence, or is it a deliberate plagiarism? Let’s find out.

Expected debut

In mechanics, Frozen Synapse is a step-by-step tactical shooter with a classic top view. In fact, this is a revived tactical plan from Rainbow Six. There is a small card, there are two groups of fighters scattered over this card. In the simplest case, the goals of the two groups are identical – eliminate the enemy and stay alive.

Tools for destruction is quite enough. The automatic machine is an ideal weapon on medium distances. For the near-fight or ambush the semi-automatic shotgun is best. The diametrical opposite of the latter is a sniper rifle: beats far and accurate, though it is recharged for a long time. Hand grenade launcher helps to clear premises, but firing only on command, no automatic installation. According to the same principles, RPG also acts – the only difference is that its projectile has a smaller area of ​​damage, but it destroys the walls.

Another interesting point is the procedural generation of locations. The fight in one and the same place twice can not be: before each fight, whether it be a single campaign, a battle with an AI or a live player, the map is created again, with the premises and shelters located asymmetrically. On the one hand, this is bad: one of the participants in the conflict gets some advantage. On the other hand, a slight imbalance determines the tactics of teams: someone has to act on defense, while the opponent can afford to safely attack.

Dimensional media player

New game Frozen SynapseThe fights in Frozen Synapse are in step-by-step mode. At the beginning of the game, players distribute orders to their wards. Then, for five seconds, the soldiers act in accordance with the instructions given, and the commander only has to observe the process. After these five seconds the time stops – the opposing sides have a chance to make adjustments to the existing plan. Then time comes to life exactly for five seconds, then it again dies and … well, you understood the principle, right?

Depths of the process give the opportunity to predict the opponent’s behavior. During the planning phase, it is allowed to give orders not only to its subordinates, but also to the enemies. At the same time, clicking on the play button will miss all that indicated by the invisible strategist. The piece is infinitely useful, because it allows you to quickly estimate the result of these or other maneuvers, to predict the behavior of the opponent and to estimate how to effectively counteract him.

Endgame … and very insidious!

The reader might have had the false impression that Frozen Synapse is a typical game without content, in the best of the Defcon or Uplink traditions. In other words, if the plot is not here, all the attention is focused on the gameplay. Fortunately, this is not the case.

There is a plot here. Over the course of fifty five missions, we will be watching an interesting story unfolding in the typical cyberpunk environment of the near future with the power of megacorporations and numerous conspiracies.

The construction of the “single” is quite commonplace. First briefing – learn about the upcoming assignment and the state of affairs as a whole. In addition to key information, you can always read many additional materials such as a dossier for a particular character. As a result, the story turns out to be a decent amount of strangers and pleasant little things, which is surprisingly doubly, because even a private story for such a project is already good.

After the briefing, you can proceed with the task. Typically, this is a peculiar test in the spirit of “neutralizing enemy forces in 5 moves, so that hostages are not affected.” The farther, the harder it is.

One of the main features of the campaign is the increased re-engagement of each mission. If you have not been able to complete any task since the first time, then the card is restarted when restarted. Thus, there simply is not the right strategy for a particular mission: we are forced to analyze the situation and improvise each time.

To train their skills there is a “Skirmish”, the essence of which is to fight with a computer opponent. Artificial intelligence can boast a decent mindset, although in a few bouts it will become too predictable. But the main trouble is that there is only one mode. Bring in here developers all that is in multiplayer would be just great. After all, it is better to practice on computer scum, before fighting with someone real.

Rolling down

Frozen Synapse gameplayThe main reason for getting acquainted with Frozen Synapse is its multiplayer. Mode 7 was correctly transmitted to the mechanics of single modes. The fact is that all information about the match (map, placement and movement of the soldiers) is stored on the server. After you make a move, the data about your decisions are sent to this same server. To the opponent, they will fall only when he sends his data. As a result, the players do not depend on each other and can hold at least ten fights simultaneously, just like in chess.

There are only five multiplayer modes, and each one exists in two versions – dark and light. The difference is only one: in the light version on the map all operating “units” are marked, and in the dark you see only those enemy fighters that your wards see.

Frozen Synapse also integrates with Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the party, you can literally in a couple of minutes publish a video on your channel, and the game itself will do everything: record a video, generate a annotation and send it where it is necessary. Such records usually last no more than a minute, despite the fact that the party itself may be delayed by an hour.

Most of all, Frozen Synapse feels like chess. This is a constant intellectual fight with AI or with a living person. To win here, you do not need to be a Korean with a crazy reaction – you need to carefully monitor what’s happening and calculate the options for the development of the event. And speed is the tenth case. Excellent time for those who love to move their brains and are ready to put up with schematic graphics.